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Llandysul History

Llandysul and its archaeology, antiquities and history. Is a town in Ceredigion, West Wales. The market town is situated between Ffostrasol and Pencader.

Since 1909 the Ceredigion Historical Society has had articles written about the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion, many of the articles are about Llandysul history.

1. Index to Illustrations, Ceredigion Journal, Volumes I-X, 1950-84

  • Llandysul 1892. Market stores,facing vlli:32 pt 3
  • Llandysul Church. Ancient altar,facing v:428 pl. 21
  • Llandysul Church. The Church of St. Tysul, facing v:428 pl. 23
  • Llandysul Church. Memorial lych-gate, facing v:429 pl. 24
  • Llandysul Church. The Velvor stone, facing v:428 pl. 22
  • Llandysul in Tudor times, iii:111 fig.8
  • Llandysul is Cerdyn, facing iv:165 map 2
  • Llandysul.The native Welsh society, showing the Llysand Castell (rectangle), the Maerdref (star),and the Lian (cross), iii:105 fig. 6
  • Llandysul. The pre-Christian period, showing Roman penetration (rectangle) into a Celtic Society, iii:103 fig.5
  • Llandysul showing development of lay-out, facing iv:156 map 3
  • Llandysul uwch-Cerdyn, facing iv:164 map 1

Carved-work in Cardiganshire Churches

Carved-work in Cardiganshire Churches - A Crucifixion at Llandyssul
Carved-work in Cardiganshire Churches – A Crucifixion at Llandyssul


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The aim of the Ceredigion Historical Society is to preserve, record and promote the study of the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion. That objective has remained the same since the foundation of the Society in 1909, though its name was changed from Ceredigion Antiquarian Society to the Ceredigion Historical Society in 2002.

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