Useful resources

Digital Library
As part of the work to create this website we have produced digital copies of a selection of articles from the society’s various publications.

The contents of the Society’s annual journal Ceredigion have also been completely digitised as part of the Welsh Journals Online project.


Research Organisations and Societies

Ceredigion has a number of research organisations and societies, which offer useful insight into the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion.

Historic buildings and monuments in Ceredigion

Cardiganshire County History:
Vol 1 – From the Earliest Times to the Coming of the Normans
Vol 2 – Medieval and Early Modern Cardiganshire
Vol 3 – Cardiganshire in Modern Times

Annual Society Publications:
Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (1909-39)
Ceredigion – Journals of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society