Introduction – Index to Ceredigion

An index to volumes 1-10 of the Journal of the Ceredigion Antiquarian Society

Edited by William H Howells

N.B.The digital version of this index was producing by scanning, and it is likely that some minor text recognition errors are present. If in doubt, please refer to a printed copy of the Index.

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Forward by the Chairman

When in 1950 the Ceredigion Antiquarian Society launched its new Journal, Ceredigion, it determined also to prepare an index to the 14 volumes of Transactions which had preceded it between 1909 and the outbreak of war. This work was published, a slim and neat volume, in 1953. In the meantime Ceredigion has appeared each year with unfailing regularity, and three years ago we were delighted to learn that an index to the first nine volumes (1950 to 1983) had been compiled at the Aberystwyth Public Library under the supervision of Mr William H. Howells as part of a Dyfed County Council Manpower Commission Project. The Society thereupon took upon itself the responsibility of publishing it should this be at all possible.

Meanwhile, Mr Howells had undertaken the task of indexing the tenth volume and, much to our delight, agreed also to see the completed work through the press. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this Index for students of Cardiganshire’s history; it opens up a treasure-house filled with the fruits of many years of research by scores of scholars and it makes their writings far more accessible than they have hitherto been. Our debt to William Howells is very great indeed, and we congratulate him and his colleagues on their magnificent achievement.

The publication of an Index of this size and sophistication was far beyond the resources of the Society, and very considerable financial support was needed to make its publication possible. We are particularly indebted to the Catherine and Lady Grace James Trust and to the Dyfed County Council for their generous contributions. Above all, I wish to thank the Ceredigion District Council. Their support of the Society throughout its history has been unfailing, and their response to our appeal on this occasion has been characteristically generous.

I wish finally to record our thanks to the Librarian of the National Library of Wales and the staff of the Library for undertaking the design and printing of the volume and for the excellence of their work.

Ieuan Gwynedd Jones M.A., D. Litt., F.R.Hist.S.


The task of indexing Ceredigion was begun as part of a Manpower Services Project located at Aberystwyth Public Library. Thanks are due to John R Thomas, Dafydd M Lewis and Roger R Fenton who were involved at the initial stages and completed a number of articles. The work of indexing the remainder and editing the whole was undertaken by William H Howells.