Troedyraur Hundred Cardiganshire

Troedyraur hundred is one of severn major divisions of the county of Cardigan (Cardiganshire), the hundred (is subdivided into 22 parishes).

Troedyraur – hundred and parishes:
Aberporth < Aber-porthLlanerchaeron
< Llan-erch-ayron (part of)
Bangor Teifi < BangorLlanfairorllwyn
< Llan-fair-Orllwyn
Bettws-EvanLlanfair Trelygen
< Llan-fair-tref-helygon
Blaenporth < Blaen-PorthLlangoedmor
< Llan-goedmore
BrongwynLlangynllo < Llan-gynllo
Dihewyd < Dihewid (part of)Llechryd < Llech-rhyd Par. Chap.
Ciliau Aeron < Kilie-Ayron (part of)Penbryn < Pen-bryn
< Lampter-Pont-Stephen (part of)
Tref-y-coed – HamletTroed-yr-aur, Lower
Llandyfriog < Llan-dy-friogTroed-yr-aur, Upper
Llandygwydd < Llan-dy-gwyddVerwick
< Llan-dyssul-Ywch-Kerdin (part of)

Welsh place names may exist in several variations. The names used here are typically that found in Cofresti Plwyf Cymru: Parish Registers of Wales (above left) and Abstract of the Answers and Returns Made Pursuant to an Act passed in the Eleventh Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George IV, 1831 (above right).

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