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Scheduled Monuments in Ceredigion

Ceredigion Scheduled Monuments, that has been placed on a statutory list maintained by Cadw in Wales.

Scheduled monuments (also known as scheduled ancient monuments, or SAMs) are sites of archaeological importance with specific legal protection against damage or development. The list of such monuments in Wales is maintained by Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments, an executive agency within the National Assembly for Wales. For an archaeological site in Ceredigion to be scheduled it must be a site of national importance, being a site that characterises a period or category in Welsh history, with consideration given to rarity, good documentation, group value, survival/condition, fragility/vulnerability, diversity and potential.

Cultural landscapes such as Parks and Gardens currently fall under a statutory responsibility, which lies with the National Assembly for Wales and is administered by Cadw, its historic environment service. Information on parks, gardens and landscapes of Ceredigion are held by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.

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Ceredigion Scheduled Monuments

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