Site plan of Camp near Nantyrarian

Camp near Nant yr Arian

A Camp, not marked on the O.S. maps, occurs on a ridge between Nant yr arian and the Melindwr Valleys. The western slope of the hill is steep while those of the N. and S., especially the former, are precipitous. Only to the east is the hill joined to the main ridge by a narrower one. The defences face an approach from higher ground. The interior rises to a fairly sharp knoll, from which a view of Pen-dinas, Aberystwyth, is obtained. Situated on high ground to the south of this is a lenticular formation to which the O.S. maps refer as “Castell.” It is merely a small strike ridge.

Site plan of Camp near Nantyrarian
Site plan of Camp near Nantyrarian
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