Blaenplwyf histoy and historic buildings - Discover the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion

Blaenplwyf History

Blaenplwyf history, archaeology and antiquities. Is a small village in Ceredigion, formerly Cardiganshire, West Wales. Situated between Llanrhystud and Chancery.

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History of Blaenplwyf
Blaenplwyf histoy and historic buildings - Discover the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion
Farmhouse ruin
County: Ceredigion
Community: Blaenplwyf
Traditional County: Cardiganshire
Map Reference SN57NE
Grid Reference
Medieval Parish
Cantref: Uwch Aeron
Commote: Mefenydd
Ecclesiastical Parish: 
Llanychaiarn, Acres 4227.401
Parish Hundred: Ilar
Electoral Ward:
Listed Buildings: Blaenplwyf
Scheduled Monuments: Blaenplwyf

Since 1909 the Ceredigion Historical Society has published articles written about the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion, many of the articles are about Blaenplwyf history.

The society has also produced three county volumes, under the name of the Cardiganshire County History series, these knowledgeable, learned, comprehensive and scholary publications record the history of prehistoric, early and modern Cardiganshire.

1. Local History

Ceredigion Find – Late Bronze Age Shield

During peat cutting in 1804 the fantastic discovery of a late Bronze Age shield about 3,000 years old, measuring 60cm in diameter, came to light at Rhos Rydd, Blaenplwyf. Known as a Yetholm type shield, because there are 22 examples known to exist in Britain & Ireland and only 3 from Wales. It is thought to have come to rest at Rhos Rydd, bog during a ceremonial offering.

This incredibly rare shield is now on display at The British Museum.

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2. Index

  • bibliography, iv:301

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3. Location Map

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The aim of the Ceredigion Historical Society is to preserve, record and promote the study of the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion. That objective has remained the same since the foundation of the Society in 1909, though its name was changed from Ceredigion Antiquarian Society to the Ceredigion Historical Society in 2002.

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  • A Pint of History, read about the history of Ceredigion pub’s, inn’s and local taverns of Blaenplwyf
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