Cardiganshire Cantrefs

Uwch Aeron Cantref

Uwch Aeron was one of Cardiganshire’s, (Welsh: Sir Aberteifi or Ceredigion) three cantrefs in the Middle Ages.

The cantref was divided into three commotes:

Cardiganshire Cantrefs
Cardiganshire Cantrefs

Extract from: Cardiganshire County History: Medieval and early modern Cardiganshire, Volume 2, p313

In the brief period, barely five years, between the two great wars of the reign of Edward I, Ceredigion formed two spheres of royal government. The lands in demesne, where the communities were under the immediate lordship of the king and subject to administration by his officers were as follows: in Is Aeron there were the castle and town of Cardigan, within the half-commote of Is Hirwen, and, Uwch Aeron, each of the commotes – Genau’r-glyn, Perfedd, Creuddyn, Mefenydd and Anhuniog – except Pennardd.

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