Ceredigion Historical Society

U – Index to Ceredigion I-X

An index to volumes 1-10 of the Journal of the Ceredigion Antiquarian Society

Edited by William H Howells

N.B. The digital version of this index was producing by scanning, and it is likely that some minor text recognition errors are present. If in doubt, please refer to a printed copy of the Index.

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Entries starting with ‘U’

  • U’larsing, schooner, vii:283 uchelwyr (aristocracy),iv:273 Ummabowa
  • see Cwmbwa farm
  • Undeb yn Otthymynedig i Ymarfer, viii:443,458
  • Union, Llandysul, ii:115
  • unitarians, iv:122-3; vi:53,57,79,84-5;
  • vii:8,10-13
  • Unity, smack, ix:120
  • University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and Aberdare report, viii:50-1; ix:200-02,
  • 2tt-15,216,217
  • and politics, v:322,325
  • and Thomas Jones, vi:364-81 boat club, vii:248
  • botany department, i:88 building fund, vii:248 Celtic Society, viii:2,4
  • chemistry department, vii:236 Company of Volunteers, vii:249 Drama Department, viii:336
  • Dramatics Committee, vii:241,245,246,248, 249,250; viii:5,6,7,8,16,17
  • Examination Hall, vii:234-5,240,243,245,246; viii:2,5,6,7,8,9,12,13,15,17,18
  • Fabian Society, vii:241
  • fire,1885, vii:230,232; viii:39 Footlights Dramatic Oub, vii:233,246 French Society, vii:241
  • Geltaidd , vi:368
  • Geography department, ix:45 library, vii:234; viii:2,6,395-6
  • Literary and Debating Society, vii:230,232, 233,234,241; viii:t,5,16,17
  • Literary Society, viii:15,17 magazine, vii:234
  • museum and art collections, viii:389-403 music club, vii:249
  • old college building, vii:230
  • old Students Association, vi:364,369-70; vii:242 old Students Association Reunion plays,
  • viii-9
  • Quadrangle, viii:2,3,6,7-8 Scientific Society, i:88
  • Shakespeare Reading Society, vii:230 students union, at Assembly rooms, vii:236 visit of G. B.Shaw,1899, vii:247 visitofW.B.Yeats,viii:5
  • Welsh Plant Breeding Station
  • see Welsh Plant Breeding Station women students, vi:366-7
  • Woodrow Wilson chairof International Politics, vi:372-3,377
  • zoology department, vii:249 Urgent, vessel, vi:226
  • Urien Rheged, iv:7,8
  • Uwch Aeron, commote, i:40-t; vi:270 Uwch Aeron, senaschelry, vi:139 Uwchkerdyn
  • see Llandysul Uwch-Cerdyn