Trefilan History

Trefilan history archaeology and antiquities. Is a hamlet in Ceredigion (formely Cardiganshire), West Wales. Between Llanrhystud and Talsarn.

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1. Local History
2. Journal Index
3. Location Map
4. Links
  • Castell Trefilan, Ceredigion, motte and former bailey, a castle mound associated with a princely house
  • Position of Tumulus Pen y Glogau
  • St Hilary's Church, Trefilan, Ceredigion, rebuilt in 1806, the medieval dedication is thought to have been to St Mary
  • Incense Cup from Pen y Glogau
  • Flint found in Cinerary Urn at Pen y Glogau
  • Cinerary Urn from Pen y Glogau
  • Trefilan Primary school, Ceredigion, closed 2015

Trefilan History Pictures
Sword and Canon-Ball from Trefilan
Sword and Canon-Ball from Trefilan

Incense Cup from Pen y Glogau
Incense Cup from Pen y Glogau

Since 1909 the Ceredigion Historical Society has published articles written about the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion, many of these articles printed within the Ceredigion Journal, are about the history of Trefilan.

The society has also produced three county volumes, under the name of the Cardiganshire County History series, these knowledgeable, learned, comprehensive and scholary publications record the history of prehistoric, early and modern Cardiganshire.

1. Local History

Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol 1, Part 4
The old Font of Trefilan
In the churchyard at Trefilan on the north side of the Church a part of the old font has long lain neglected. Like the majority of the Churches in the county this one was entirely rebuilt in the last century, and whatever features of interest it may once have possessed have long ago disappeared. Of the bowl of the font there is now no trace, but the square base and circular stem remain. They are without ornament and evidently of very early date, and are curious and interesting in that, contrary to the usual fashion, they have been worked out of one stone. The Editor and Sub-editor with the Vicar, who is an enthusiastic antiquarian, carefully examined this interesting relic on May 27th, and the Vicar is now removing it within the Church, where it will be placed near the font now in use. As the sole surviving relic of the ancient Church on this spot, it will be a valuable object lesson to those who enter the Church, reminding them of the worship of their forefathers in the days of early Celtic Christianity, centuries before their Parish Church assumed its present form.

Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society, Vol 2, No 1
Sword and Canon-ball at Trefilan
Considerable interest attaches to the curiosities figured in our illustration, which were found in the parish of Trefilan. Many of our readers will be aware that near the church there is an ancient fortified mound so that in distant days there must have been some kind of military post, or camp of refuge, here. The warlike implements, however, which form the subject of the illustration evidently belonged to a comparatively recent period. The iron ball is of the kind employed in cannon of an early type, and the sword would appear from the shape of the hilt and guard to belong to the 17th century, and is perhaps a relic of fighting that took place at the time of the Great Rebellion.

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2. Journal Index

  • Trefilan, iii:272
    • ancient borough, v:402
    • anghydffurfiaeth, iv:98,107
    • castle, iii:66
    • enclosure, iii:51
    • nonconformity
      • see Trefilan : anghydffurfiaeth
    • royal estates at, v:151
    • school, ii:152,155
  • Trefilan Friendly Society, x:45

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3. Location Map

View Larger Map of Trefilan

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The aim of the Ceredigion Historical Society is to preserve, record and promote the study of the archaeology, antiquities and history of Ceredigion. That objective has remained the same since the foundation of the Society in 1909, though its name was changed from Ceredigion Antiquarian Society to the Ceredigion Historical Society in 2002.

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