Ceredigion Historical Society - Ceredigion 2019 - Volume XVIII Number 3

Ceredigion – Journal of the Ceredigion Historical Society Vol XVIII, No 3, 2019

Pages from Ceredigion – Journal of the Cardiganshire Historical Society, 2019 Vol XVIII, No 3, can be viewed below.

You can also view previous editions of the Society’s Journal going back to 1950, with fascinating facts about the archaeology, antiquities and history of the County of Ceredigion.

Copies of earlier editions of Ceredigion are available for purchase. Click here for details

Ceredigion Historical Society - Ceredigion 2019 - Volume XVIII Number 3
Ceredigion Historical Society – Ceredigion 2019 – Volume XVIII Number 3

Contents of Volume XVIII, Number 3

  • Chassing the cropmarks: Archaeological discoveries in Ceredigion during the 2018 drought – TOBY DRIVER – 1
  • The Richard Family of Ystradmeurig and the Hendrefelen Estate Records – TERENCE WILLIAMS – 35
  • Hen Eglwys Llanfair Trefhelygen – GERWYN MORGAN – 55
  • The Aberystwyth Gas Company – RICHARD LEWIS – 65
  • A Few Notes on some Lost Public Houses of North Ceredigion – WILLIAM TROUGHTON – 91
  • Adolygiadau/Reviews  – 125


  • Adroddiad Archifdy Ceredigion 2018-2019/Ceredigion Archives Reports 2018-19 – 131
  • Adroddiad Blynyddol/Annual Report – 159
  • The Society’s visit to Llanbadarn Fawr Church – 165
  • County History Launch – 171
  • Cyfrifon/Statement of Accounts – 175
  • Swyddogion/Officals – 176

The Journals were published from 1950 up to present day. The complete contents have been digitised by NLW as part of the JISC-funded ‘Welsh Periodicals Online’ project which were available from 2009. In the meantime we present the table of contents of each volume below. The format and level of detail in the ‘Contents’ varied from volume to volume. We present the lists as originally printed.

The Society was formed in 1909. It suspended operations in 1940 but resumed its activities in 1947.

The annual subscription is £10 for individual, £12 for family membership, to be paid on 1 January each year. Members are recommended to pay by Banker’s Order.

New members are welcome!!!

Offers of papers to be read at meetings of the Society should be addressed to the Programme Secretary. Material for publication and books for review should be sent to the Editor. Authors of articles should consult the Notes for Contributors.

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