Site plan Camp on Cefn Blewog

Camp on Cefn Blewog

A Camp rather less than a mile east of Llanafan School, is built on the 1,000ft. contour rising to 1,036ft. in the interior. From the south edge of the camp the ground falls away sharply to the Ystwyth River. The crest of Cefn Blewog on which the camp is found is fairly extensive and supplies no other markedly steep slope for its defence. Despite its altitude the position is not a secure one. The surrounding surface is marshy and the camp cannot be located easily. The rampart is of low relief, incomplete on the N.E. and duplicated on the N.W. The eastern side is built in a hollow and is within a short distance of higher ground outside. A good view of the Ystwyth Valley is obtained, Gaer Fawr stands out boldly across the valley to the W. A ridgeway once passed through the camp and led eastwards to Castell Grogwynion. This is still trace- able outside the marsh.

Site plan Camp on Cefn Blewog
Site plan Camp on Cefn Blewog
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