Prehistoric and Roman Treasures from Ceredigion

Prehistoric and Roman Treasures from Ceredigion

We hope you can join us for the next Ceredigion Historical Society lecture which will be held through Zoom on.

In this lecture, Dr Toby Driver, will be discussing ‘Prehistoric and Roman Treasures from Ceredigion’

Saturday, 8 May, 2021, at 2.30pm
Meeting ID: 830 6244 5496
Passcode: 186245

A warm welcome to all


The Society welcomes new members, whether they live in Ceredigion or elsewhere in the world.

Details of the 2021 programme of events and how to join can be found on our website.

We appreciate your continued support during this past year and hope that you can join us next Saturday, 8 May.

*E-mail addresses will remain confidential

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